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The Garden Creek is a remembrance of the artist’s home garden where she grew up. It is a rich sensory portrayal of garden life in the summer. This environment holds rich inspiration for the artist because of the emotional layers of past experience and the artistry of nature. The painting’s execution and color is meticulous, and the style is the kind of scintillating life celebration we associate with an environment that has been savored to its last detail. The panorama is more that of rich perception than broad vistas. The Garden Creek continues Glenda’s exploration of how we see, and all the factors of vision trace to much more than meets the eye. There is so much more than meets the eye. This painting is the result of consciousness and feeling just as much as it is perception. .
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Lift Your Spirits…FLY HIGH with Angel Wings

I have been feeling so much trouble in the
world lately, it was getting me down. But I’m never at my best when I feel that way. So I asked for guidance and inspiration about a special essential oil blend I could create.
Of course we already have a wonderful stock of essential oils to work with. The best that can be found anywhere. Selecting stock is a skill in itself because essential oil is like fine wine. Its life is very much affected by where it was grown, harvested, and distilled. We study our sources carefully and i had great stock to choose from.
After prayer and meditation my hands instinctively reached for Sweet Orange, Vanilla, and Indian Lemingrass. In the right proportions the results were literally HEAVENLY.

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Get a clear view with our newest essential oil blend: “Focus”
In a world filled with chaos and unexpected change being focused is so important. Third only after Love and Serenity, you much be focused. “Focus” was created to help us bring order out of chaos and find our special dedication in life. The top note is lemon verbena to clear the mind for insight and problem solving. As the aroma develops into more complexity you will enjoy other herbal tones to bring focus and clarity of purpose.

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