Sunset Meditation

In the days of Jeshua, and even now for many, the Sabbath began at sunset on Fridays. That initiated 24 hours of peace, prayer, and reunion with God.  Of course we do not all have the same time for sunset.  But that’s the beauty of it.  We keep the meditations and prayers rolling forward around the world for 24 hours!!

Even if you cannot make your way to a physical sunset, you can have an inner renewal with the light as you end one week and pause before beginning another.

Let us be joined in spirit without condition and know that wherever two or more unite in the love of Christ, he will be there also.  Focus on what is most important to you.  But here’s an idea, a common thought that may bring us into greater focus with one another:

“That which makes a better life for others will make a better life for me”

Any comments or contributions of inspiration you would like to make, here is your place to join in the flow…


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