High Mountain Lavender

Who wants to release physical stress, headaches, and body pains?” We have what you need! There is no essential oil better than Lavender for stress! And there is no better Lavender than our Organic High Mountain Lavender. Its also a good bedtime remedy for deep and peaceful sleep.

Gently apply a drop or two on your forehead and temples. Or better still, add a few drops to a palm full of carrier oil or lotion to cover a larger area of your body. This is especially good for applying to sore joints and muscles. Its also great for massage.

Organic High Mountain French Lavender Pure Botanical Essence is fresh and sweet, floral, natural and winsome. Our French Lavender is not the least bit overpowering. It is gentle and uplifting, with a decidedly floral beauty. If you love lavender, it will be your” all time favorite. If you have never tried lavender, this is the place to start.

Just click on the Image below… 👇

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