Energy and Life

Energy and Life

At Spiritis we use only the finest steam-distilled essential oils.

They have been prepared for you by one of the most trusted and esteemed distillers in the world (that is very selective about who they accept as clients).  Some of their clients are among the top fragrance designers in the world such as Armani.  Some of the oils they have produced have even been set aside as rare collectibles like fine wine.  At Spiritis we believe healing comes only when oils are pure and joy comes only when they are beautiful.  To explore our essential oil collections click the link on our [email protected]

Please Welcome Our New Team Member

Its my great pleasure to introduce our new team member and minister from Nigeria, Jolly Tobore. He has actually been with us and serving our ministry in Nigeria (and Kenya) for almost three years.  Without his help and caring guidance so many things could have gone wrong, and we would have been swept away by the magnitude of problems that could any church could face in a foreign ministry.  But his faith, joined with mine, to establish a firm and lasting ministry over there.  As we grew to know each other I discovered special skills he has with social media. Continue reading “Please Welcome Our New Team Member”

Announcing our Summer Webinar

“There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Do Everything”

Except in extreme cases of right and wrong, this is NEVER AN ABSOLUTE. Our ability to know what to do starts with a better understanding of the dynamics of life, the world around us, and our relationship to it.


…to find a better way.  The world around us is changing every minute.  How do we hold to our values and yet adapt to new possibilities around us? Continue reading “Announcing our Summer Webinar”