Archangels are Bringers of a new day

Protectors of our life and soul.

Archangel Michael is Captain of the angels and protector of Christ and all the saints. His name means one “Who is like unto God.” This is the Archangel who summoned all the angels to arms when Lucifer revolted against God, and, as the Bible tells us “There was war in Heaven.” Defeated, Lucifer fell to the pit wherein he now resides. That is symbolic of Archangel Michael’s protection against all evil. His mighty sword is the attribute most associated with him. It is not just an instrument of assault or protection, but also a blade that cuts through barriers in our life, finding new ways for us to progress against whatever obstacle we may face. He defends the cause of God’s oneness against the presumption of chaos and destruction. He delivers us from the pain and loss that has come from wrongful judgments against us. He is the protector of those who have faith in God.
Not surprisingly, he was taken as a special patron by knights and crusaders and to him was attributed victory in many key battles. He is the guardian angel of law enforcement officers and first-responders in events of crisis, and other public servants who show up for the protection of others.
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