This is a perfect time to gain more balance in your life

Equinox is that time of year (twice) when the poles of the earth are in perfect with its orb around the sun. This is a time of balance, peace, and beauty that our planet passes through. However, it’s a season of our life as much as it is a season of nature. It’s value is not limited to that occasion. It happens around September 21st and March 21st, but it has been said that the season of balance is 30 days long, fifteen days before and after the day of perfect balance. Equinox will add to the beauty of your fall season, graciously, with inner peace regardless of any external stress. It contains Vanilla for sweet equilibrium, Lavender for emotional cleansing, Amber for anchoring to the earth, and Jasmine for beauty. The fusion of this blend is an exquisite aroma that touches body, heart, and soul.

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