Please welcome our new team member -1

Its my great pleasure to introduce our new team member and minister from Nigeria, Jolly Tobore. He has actually been with us and serving our ministry in Nigeria (and Kenya) for almost three years.  Without his help and caring guidance so many things could have gone wrong, and we would have been swept away by the magnitude of problems that could any church could face in a foreign ministry.  But his faith, joined with mine, to establish a firm and lasting ministry over there.  As we grew to know each other I discovered special skills he has with social media.
Now we are so fortunate that he has agreed to help us expand not only in Africa but around the world to become a global ministry serving Christ.

Please welcome Jolly and write him.  His name is very befitting his faithful and cheerful nature.  He is living in Benin City, but has formerly traveled to Nairobi, Kenya and assisted us there.

We are strongly hoping to have him visit the United States soon to attend one of our Blessing Conferences.  In the meantime Jolly will be assisting me to keep up with all our communications on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Most importantly he will help generate a flow of communication on our new website hub

I feel very blessed to have his help.  I hope you will enjoy communicating with him.

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  1. So Happy to see you are doing more publicly. I love your books and I have 2 of your pictures. Do you still do the oil blends?

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