Calling All Angels

There comes a time in the course of every human life when our progress forward (or even our survival) comes by the consent and support if those we serve. At Spiritis we LOVE OUR WORK and we love our community. We hope to be with you for years into the future and to leave a legacy for future generations.

However in the last two years we have been on the blunt end of many traumatic events, starting with Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The accumulated load of expense has brought us to our knees in prayer that we may find the wisdom, resources, or assistance to surmount these problems.

No matter how hard we were hit we have never stopped our charitable work in Africa and other emerging continents and countries. We have sent medical supplies abroad, developed ministries, helped families in dire need, and shared our lovely essential oils as a sacramental blessing. We are loved by many people around the world who tune into our Sunday Blessings with hearts turned to God. We have blessed babies being born and elders departing. But so many we help are in too much need to help us in return except in prayer and gratitude.

What if Your Soul was In Charge of Your Life?

There are many ways you can help. ALWAYS WITH PRAYER. And always by sharing the love of Christ. It also helps us materially when you our store and share our lovely products of love with others.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to contribute to our future. We have post cards for 50 cents. On the upper end, if you have ever wanted to own an original Glenda Green painting there has never been a better time to get the “deal of a lifetime” and serve the greatest work in the world. We would consider almost any offer to protect our place of service in the work of Christ. If that interests you just send an email to and we will set up a time to talk.

 I have prayed and served with constant faith.  At the same time we are told not to test God or demand miracles, but to remain humble in our daily work and service.  So whatever lessons I need to learn, or assistance I need to find, or services need to be rendered, I ask for your prayers and blessings that they may be revealed before it’s too late.  I hope that your hearts will be with me as I discover the answers we need.  Thank you in advance for standing with me and contributing to our future.

If you would like to contribute through the purchase of products you are already on the right website.

If you would like to make a donation, here is an EASY LINK

Every contribution of $25 or more will receive a bottle of our beautiful essential oil called “Angel Wings” to welcome you to our worldwide squad of ANGELS making life more lovely and gracious.

Assembly of Angels